What Makes This An Excellent Opportunity?

Global Tracking / High Level Surveillance holds potential for six figure first year profits, plus exceedingly strong residual income. Technology for the wireless tracking of vehicles, people, packages, assets and pets is predicted to be a 50 BILLION Dollar per year, international industry by the year 2018.

With the above being the case, consider these items below as some quick benefits to owning your own GPS Tracking distributorship:
1. Potential Market is Vast and Diversified. Less than 10% of potential market is tapped to date. Markets include:

    Personal Use: Special Needs personal tracking; including Children, Alzheimer Patients and in general the elderly, is in a natural growth pattern due to the aging population. Parents of teenage drivers can track the vehicles location and receive speed alerts. Pet tracking is also gaining market share
    Commercial Use: Vehicle tracking enhances fleet efficiency (contractors, limo companies, taxis to name a few) and provides insight into non-authorized vehicle use and reduced overtime costs and unnecessary travel time. This also entitles the fleet owner to discounts of up to 30% on insurance policies.
    Asset Tracking: Construction equipment, high value freight, jewelry, etc. can be protected and tracked and will also command insurance savings.
    Law Enforcement: National and International concerns for security and safety will contribute worldwide to the multibillion dollar growth of the wireless tracking industry. Private Investigators, Police Departments, Parole Officers, and Homeland Security are all embracing G.P.S. Tracking.

2. Minimal Overhead. No need for retail or office space, no inventory, no shipping, no invoicing required. We act as your back office/ support staff.

3. Exceedingly Strong Residual Income deposited into your account daily 365 days per year. And because the technology does exactly what it’s supposed to there is minimal attrition.

4. Need is Great. More so than ever before is the need to monitor people, packages, pets, vehicles, assets, etc. in addition, businesses need to be as efficient and financially prudent as possible. Our devices/technology meets those needs perfectly. In a world of Technology and an Age of Information, our technology is Rated #1.

5. New Technology and Products developed every year compounding revenue.

6. Alpha GPS Tracking provides a proven turnkey business opportunity for a smooth and immediate flow of business and revenue.

7. Unparalleled Customer Service, Marketing and Technical Support

8. Only One Distributor is placed in a substantial marketing area.

9. Not a hard sell. Our technology/products sell themselves.

10. Marketing assistance, if and when you’re ready to sell your business.

11. No Franchise Fees, Royalties or Percentages