The Foxtrot has a compact design, and super-sensitive GPS technology (GSM/GPRS) with excellent performance that makes it unique. This tracking device is suitable for heavy equipment fleets, emergency vehicles, commercial fleets, law enforcement, and every type of transportation applications imaginable. Furthermore, the Foxtrot is accompanied by hundreds of other possible applications, which includes Power Turn Off (PTO) functions, door unlocking, vehicle monitoring, vehicle disabling, and numerous other functions.

With its antennas, even if you are looking for stronger reception in rural areas, Foxtrot will be your most reliable equipment. The antennas amplifies the signal by more than twice the average capabilities of other tracking devices. Simply put, Foxtrot succeeds where other devices fail.

The Foxtrot features include:

  • Power Take Off (PTO) alerts
  • Low power sleep modes
  • Internal antennas
  • Internal 200 mAH backup batteries
  • 3 inputs and outputs
  • 3-axis accelerometer for motion sensitivity
  • Position updates
  • Store & Forward when out of cell coverage
  • Mobile access (iOS and Android)
  • Quad-band (850/900/1800/1900MHz)
  • 3D global mapping
  • Fleet vehicle history updates
  • Live 24/7 tracking