Satellite only and doesn’t require cell coverage

This tracking device helps to track bulk containers, boats, and vehicles. It provides a tracking solution that helps improve your assets operating efficiency and security, and it does not require GSM or CDMA coverage for its function.

It is designed to help manage both fixed and moveable assets. It offers multiple tracking modes. You have the option to set 12 different reporting times and set an alternating reporting schedule. This beauty can also send you a low battery warning message. Not forgetting that it also offers intervals or 24-hour operation mode.

The Alpha Satellite has an option to be line-powered, or it can automatically switch to battery back-up when there is an interruption in external power. What captivates most about this beast is that when on the line-power mode, it offers maximum flexibility in messaging frequency to the user, making it possible for regular asset location monitoring.

The Alpha Satellite uses motion sensors, as well as comparative GPS positions and customized sensors to collect and transmit information about asset status. Every Alpha Satellite is configured to track the specific needs of its asset and provide intermediate and emergency alerts via email or text (requires VAR software integration).

Tracker Features

  • Alternate Reporting Schedules
  • Does not need GSM or CDMA Coverage
  • Interval or 24 Hour Operation Mode
  • Low Battery Message
  • Up to 12 Different Reporting Times
  • Works Internationally