This Halloween, Keep Your Kids Safe With GPS

halloween_gps_trackersIt’s around the corner: the night when little ghouls and goblins trek door to door in search of Halloween treats! As much fun as Halloween is, parents often worry about safety while kids are out roaming streets on their own.

The main way to prevent this is to trick-or-treat alongside your child. But, if you kid isn’t keen on having an adult in-costumer alongside, a GPS tracker is another great option.

The Real Statistics

We’ve all heard scary Halloween abduction stories, but let’s set the fact straight, shall we?

  • There has never been even one single report of child abduction on Halloween or trick-or-treat night. While some communities have experienced a rash of attempted abductions leading up to Halloween, no child has ever been taken while trick-or-treating
  • No child has ever been the victim of poisoned candy.
  • Although there were a couple of documented cases of razor blades discovered inside Halloween candy, it is highly unlikely your child is going to come across something like this.

Interesting, right? After having these concerns at the forefront of our minds all these years, it seems we can put these worries aside. Or can we?

What You Should Be Concerned About

So now that you know what NOT to be concerned about, let’s look at things you should be concerned about.

  • Drunk drivers.
  • Theft.
  • Bullying from other children.
  • Not being seen by drivers.
  • Fires due to candles in jack-o-lanterns igniting costumes.
  • Masks reducing a child’s visibility.
  • Wandering into private areas, or not walking on sidewalks.
  • Entering an area that’s known for crime on unsafe.

To be on the safe side, send older kids out with a GPS tracker. You can slip one into a backpack or just tell your kids that they must be tracked. Just because an abduction hasn’t occurred yet doesn’t mean it’s not going to!

If the idea of a GPS tracker sounds appealing, contact us! We have the perfect solution for you.



Photo By Wwarby via Flickr Creative Commons

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