Thieves Steal Large Amounts of Oxycontin – Laced With GPS Trackers!

thieves_pills_gpsPolice all over the world are using GPS trackers to nab all different types of criminals. Whether they’re after crooks that steal copper or smartphones and tablets, there’s a tracker for that!

But here’s a new idea implemented by police forces all over the United States: the pill bottle tracker. Wait – why would police want to track a pill bottle? There’s a good reason! Really!

The Issue

Prescription drug addiction is a big problem all over the United States, and it’s only getting worse. The CDC states that death due to drug overdose rates since 1990 have more than tripled, and that 100 people are the victim of drug overdoses each and every day.

Pills are easy for people to steal, too – especially when it comes to teens. Teens can usually find what they’re looking for in a medicine cabinet. But, when pills aren’t plentiful, theft is the next best option.

Solution: GPS Trackers

Police from many areas of the country have relied on GPS trackers concealed in a pill bottle to capture thieves who’ll stop at nothing to get a certain type of drug.

Most recently, the Detroit police captured four men in connection with a string of pharmacy robberies. What was the drug of choice? OxyContin. The men were seen exiting a pharmacy while police were patrolling the area (following reports of burglaries at two separate pharmacies). When the robbers saw police lights, they took off in two different vehicles.

After a high speed chase, police lost track of the thieves – but not really.

The thieves didn’t realize the oxycontin prescription they stole contained a small GPS tracker. Oops! You guessed it! Police hunted down the thieves in minutes.

How It Works

Pharmacies stock decoy pill bottles that only contain GPS trackers next to bottles containing real pills. When a thief demands drugs, the pharmacist hands over multiple bottles, one of them being the GPS tracker bottle. As soon as the tracking pill bottle is taken off the shelf, it begins to track. How is that possible? It rests in a base unit that senses when the bottle is removed! Amazing, right?

But wait, won’t the crook know immediately that something is amiss if he picks up that empty pill bottle? Not at all! The bottle is weighted, and when you shake it, it makes the familiar rattling sound a thief is looking for. Clever!

Purdue Pharma, the pharmaceutical company responsible for producing OxyContin, developed the technology along with the NYPD. Police want to capture the thieves, but the real hope is that people will end their addiction to prescription pills altogether.

This technology is effective, and will hopefully spread throughout the US. What do you think about this revolutionary technology?


Photo By Charles Williams via Flickr Creative Commons

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