The ‘Get Real Money Team’ Gest Busted With GPS

getrealmoney_gang_gpsRetail crime happens every day. From shoplifting to bigger theft rings, retail is a criminal’s playground – until GPS trackers came along, that is. Police in Georgia just arrested a team of 5 women that called themselves the ‘Get Money Team.’ This team of thieves worked in retail outlets, gathered orders, sold good from the backs of vans, and even violently beat a cashier.

Even though police had pinpointed the five gang members long ago, additional proof was needed in order to send these criminals to jail. So, authorities decided to use GPS tracking devices to tail each gang member. Based on daily activities, police were able to ascertain that the five women were, in fact, part of the ‘Get Money Team.’


Police can now use GPS tracking device to follow the movements of gang members. In most states, a warrant is not needed in order to track a vehicle with a GPS device. The women that were part of this gang had no idea that police were tailing them, and police didn’t even need to follow vehicles closely in order to paint the whole picture.

Thanks to GPS software, it’s entirely possible to see the movements of any vehicle from a smartphone, tablet, or through a desktop email program – you don’t even have to leave home to see where the person you’re tracking is headed! That’s some pretty impressive equipment, and it’s the best way to track down a thief, it seems.

What’s Next For Gang Members?

The members of the ‘Get Money Team’ will all face various counts in front of a judge. Some team members are also being charged with assault and an attempt to use counterfeit $20 bills. Without the help of GPS trackers, police would not have been able to follow gang members throughout each retail expedition.

To some, police should require a warrant in order to attach a GPS tracking unit to a car. For others, suspected criminals should be tracked until proven guilty or otherwise. If, on the other hand, you do own a fleet of vehicles, you can track those cars or trucks freely with a GPS tracking device – and that’s where we come in.

Our Trackers

At Alpha GPS Tracking, we have a number of fleet tracking devices that were designed to follow each move a drive in your company makes. While it’s not advisable to track someone randomly, you can track anyone that’s driving a vehicle you own – you just have to tell them first.

Need a GPS fleet tracker? Contact us today, or check out what we have to offer on our website. As for the girls that were part of the ‘Get Money Team,’ they’ve all been busted, arrested, and are now facing trial. In short: be aware that police only need a small GPS tracker to find out what you’re up to!

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