Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Soon to be Standard

ADAS_sytems_volvoIn 2006, Toyota introduced something called the ‘Driver Monitoring System (DMS).’ The system was built to monitor drivers (as the name suggests) with safety being a top concern. As the years progressed, DMS became more refined and morphed into becoming part of ‘Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)’, and now it’s something that Volvo, Ford, and Mercedes-Benz are taking very seriously.

What ADAS Does

Essentially, ADAS systems incorporate a number of safety features into a vehicle. Features such as GPS trackers, lane departure warnings, driver mirror assistance, and an infrared LED camera into a car’s dashboard. Why a camera?

This camera monitors driver habits, and it sends out a flashing (or other) alert when drivers are not paying attention for whatever reason. These alerts aim to make the roads safer by keeping drivers tuned into what’s happening while driving.

Many different European car manufacturers offer DMS systems as a standard feature in models released in Europe. But now Ford is starting to offer ADAS as an optional feature in North American vehicles as well.

Why ADAS Is Important

How often do you see distracted drivers on the road? Have you ever seen someone drifting over a lane line or swerving in and out of lanes? This happens for a number of reasons, but one really good reason is that most drivers just aren’t aware of what’s happening. Some drivers are lost and looking at GPS devices and other drivers are simply not paying attention.

Integrating things like GPS tracking software and driver alert features into cars is something that car manufacturers are starting to support, and it’s also something that insurance companies and drivers alike are asking for. Right now, these systems are slowly trickling down to North America, but you’re going to see a lot more cars with ADAS systems in the very near future.

Soon ADAS Will Be Standard

It has been reported by press that both Volvo and Mercedes-Benz will be offering ADAS systems as a standard feature on most upcoming models. More interestingly, these systems won’t be reserved for luxury brands in the coming year. As mentioned, Ford will also be offering ADAS systems in some 2013 models.

GPS tracking technology on its own makes for a safer all-around ride. When you combine that technology with alert systems, the total package is ADAS – and that’s something that will keep drivers safe in almost every circumstance.

It’s also a really good idea to track your fleet with GPS software. This way, you can tell if a driver veers off-course. If you need some help selecting a GPS tracking device for your personal vehicle or for your fleet, just ask us. We have a number of GPS trackers that will fit your needs.

What do you think about ADAS systems? Is this something that you’d like to pay for, or should these features come standard withe ever car sold?