Seven Ways to Extend Your Phone’s Battery Life

keep_iphone_battery_longerKeeping your GPS tracking device up and running is imperative. That’s the main reason we offer so many GPS tracking devices that have a really long battery life. But, what about your smartphone? Are there ways to keep location data running on your phone (GPS technology) and keep your battery lasting longer?

Here are seven ways to keep location tracking data on, and still keep your phone in the green.

Seven Ways to Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer

1. Turn off push notifications: the need to know everything that’s happening on all social networks instantly will cost you! If you turn off your push notifications, you’ll help your battery out.

2. Turn down your screen light: on most phones, you can dim the light radiating from your screen. Just like your tablet or laptop screen, keeping your phone lighted up to the max will strain your battery.

3. Turn your phone off: gasp! What? Turn your phone off? I know, it sounds kind of crazy, but turning your phone off occasionally will actually help conserve your battery (and keep in mind that your phone will benefit from the restart once in a while!).

4. Keep things cooler: did you know that higher atmospheric temperatures means that your phone will have to work harder? It’s true. While you can’t avoid the heat if you live in a warm climate, you can keep your phone out of your hot car or away from other sun-drenched spots.

5. Close apps: it’s easy to forget to turn off background apps when you’re not using them, but letting those apps run will also drain your battery quickly.

6. Stop searching: is your phone set to search for WiFi? Every time your phone has to look for a signal, your battery is being used to its fullest extent. Turn off that WiFi search (just remember to turn it back on when you’re at home).

7. Open your inbox: does your phone automatically update your lock screen with email snippets? Try getting your own email instead. Why? You guessed it – setting your phone to fetch emails is a battery drain.

GPS Needn’t Disappear

It’s not a secret that GPS apps and location searches do drain a phone’s battery, but GPS isn’t entirely to blame. You can keep your location data running while you turn off other aspects of your phone. Or, better yet, purchase a GPS tracking device that will keep tabs on your location without draining your phone’s battery.

Need some help picking out a GPS tracker? We have the right tracker and GPS tracking software for you. Give us a shout for more details – and let us know if you have any additional battery saving tips!