GPS, Maps, Apps, and the End of the World

gps_maps_survivalAre you a crazed conspiracy theorist (who probably would prefer being called a prepper)? Your bug out bag is all packed, your caches of supplies are safely hidden along a route to your bug out location far away in the woods, and your family knows exactly what to do when things get crazy.

But what if you get lost along the way? As long as an EMP doesn’t occur (for those not down with the prepper lingo, an EMP is an electromagnetic pulse, a quick burst of electromagnetic energy that could disable all electronic devices within a certain radius around the EMP), you could turn to something many of us have laying around in our homes: an old smartphone.

Get Maps

Numerous GPS tracker apps out there today can download maps to your phone’s memory. It’s a great way to make sure you’ll never get lost, even without a cellular or GPS satellite signal.

Head to the Apple app store for your old iPhone or the Google Play store for your Android smartphone, and browse the GPS apps there. Pay attention to the descriptions, and seek out the apps that can directly download maps to your phone. It will take a significant portion of your storage space, so you’ll either have to wipe out your old photos and music (not exactly essential to survival anyway, right?) or find an app that allows you to choose region-specific maps.

Do You Need More Than GPS? Probably Not!

There are also a ton of apps out there that promise to provide help when needed, but how many of those apps are actually worth the download? And some apps can completely drain your battery and mess up your chances at survival – kind of like the way that James Taylor messed up the National Anthem at the World Series!

Let’s take a closer look at some popular “disaster apps.”

  • The Pocket First Aid & CPR app: can an app help you out if you don’t know CPR? Not likely! Think about it: in a true life or death situation, is there even time to pull out your phone and consult an app? Get decent first aid and CPR training prior to disaster and you’ll be much better off!
  • The Wild Edibles Full App (iOS) or Edible and Medicinal Plants (Android): if food becomes scarce, you may wonder whether or not you can munch on a plant or two. These apps can be helpful – if your phone doesn’t die! A better idea: brush up on local vegetation and find out what’s edible prior to a disaster!
  • Army Survival Guide: it never hurts to know how to survive in a tough situation, and the Army is definitely one good source of information. But, again, it’s best to brush up on your survival knowledge before that vital time comes!

Let’s hope you never need to worry about your survival. But if you do, all you really need is a game plan, some offline GPS tracker apps, and an old smartphone! What’s your plan of attack in case the zombies attack? Let us know (and we have plenty of GPS trackers that will help you find your way out of a sticky situation on our site! Take a look!).