Kids in Denver Board Buses With GPS

gps_for_school_busesYou know that moment when your little one ventures off to school for the first time? You watch them step on that bus and drive off, wishing you could be there to make sure they get through the day okay. A big fear most parents have: their child will accidentally board the wrong bus at the end of the day and never make it home.

In Denver, Colorado, this occurs more frequently than you would think! How bad is it? Well, it’s a big enough problem to warrant a new GPS tracker that allows parents to see where the kids are in real time. It’s called the + Pass system, and both parents and students give it high marks.

How the + Pass System Works

Implemented at the start of the 2013 school year, this system has changed everything. Parents know where kids are while riding a bus, and privacy is kept private too. According to the FAQ, no data is stored regarding the students themselves except for the “time, date and location a student enters and exits the school bus.” What’s more, the bus is the only place the students can be located. There are no GPS trackers inside any of the district’s schools.

Simple For Kids to Use

It’s a cinch for kids to use on their own, something the bus drivers love! Students carry a + Pass card on them at all times. When they are boarding one of the district’s buses, they simply pull the card out and wave it in front of the + Pass card reader. They do the same when they get off of the bus. Once the card is read, the reader beeps, and a light changes from blue to green, visual confirmation the read was a success.

Each time the card is read, the GPS tracker transmits the time, date, and GPS location data to a secure database. Only those who work for the bus company, parents, and school officials are able to view data. Parents simply log onto a secure website in order to track a child’s movements. If they happen to get off at the wrong stop, parents can locate a kid quickly.

If your school district is hesitant to get on board, take matters into your own hands! Contact us to discuss the perfect tracker your child can carry to keep them safe when you can’t be there.


Image Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons From KB35