The Rockettes Are Set To Use GPS This Spring!

heart_lights_nycThere hasn’t been a spring spectacular even at the Radio City Music Hall since 1997 – but the director  of the Rockettes, Linda Haberman, is adding some spring to the Rockettes step this coming spring. Haberman and her crew will put on a show called ‘Hearts and Lights’ that relies heavily on GPS trackers.

Inside Hearts and Lights

Hearts and Lights was written by playwright and Pulitzer Prize winner, Doug Wright. Wright’s tale follows two teenage girls attempting to follow in their grandmother’s footsteps. As you can imagine, the show will feature NYC as it was many years ago, and how the city is today.

One part of the show will include a Central Park kite flying scene that uses GPS tracking technology to move the kites and track their locations above audience members. If this show doesn’t sound like the usual chorus girl entertainment we’ve come to associate with the Rockettes, you’re right.

A Completely Different Show

Sick of putting on the same old Easter show, Haberman’s Rockettes will be practicing new moves all winter long to prepare for this upcoming spring event. What won’t you see? The same leg-lifting moves. What you can expect to see are kites flying, amazing scenes from old New York, and plenty of new Rockette dance patterns.

Haberman really shook things up this time when she asked the Rockettes to audition for the show too – typically, the girls are all part of every show, and that’s the way it has been done for years. Now, things are about to be different. If this sounds like something you’d like to see, the production will run for 59 performances, feature one cast only, and will begin on March 27th. You can pick up some tickets now (suggested) through the Radio City website.

A New Use for GPS

This might be the first time that GPS tracking software has been used in a show. It’s certainly the first time that technology has ever really collided with the Radio City Music Hall productions. Then again, it’s hard to imagine a modern day NYC set without GPS trackers, right?

GPS trackers are used regularly for scavenger hunts and to track down lost items, so why not kites flying over audience heads? It creates a funny picture, right? That’s exactly what the Rockettes are hoping for too. So, why not put some bounce in your spring step and head to Radio City? At the very least, you’ll get to see GPS technology in action.

If you can’t make it to NYC for March, don’t worry! We have plenty of GPS trackers that can keep tabs on wayward kites! Check out our product page for details.