The ‘Gun Box’ Makes Locking Up Guns Secure With GPS

gun_box_gpsAccording to the Pew Research Center, approximately 43% of U.S. citizens are gun owners (registered). This number has dwindled recently due to high gun theft numbers. Responsible gun owners not wanting to be the reason why someone irresponsible steals and uses a gun are turning in their weapons. There might be a better way to keep guns safe, though.

Introducing The Gun Box

The ‘Gun Box’ is developer Ryan Hyde’s answer to gun theft. This device works in a unique way, relying on two separate security measures contained in one heavy-duty safe-like box made of a die-cast aluminum alloy. Coupled with fingerprint scanning technology and a GPS tracker, the Gun Box is, by far, the most secure way to keep guns locked up to date. Let’s take a closer look.

The Gun Box Design

Here’s how it works:

Place a gun inside of the Gun Box knowing that the gun is protected against accidents and fire incidents (the box has a tensile strength of 24,000 psi and melting temperature of well over 1,000°F).

You also don’t have to worry about someone prying the box open, since the hinges on this box are located on the inside.

You don’t need to worry about the mounting position of the box either. The mechanism relies on motorized servos instead of magnets, which means you can mount it under a piece of furniture or against a closet wall if you want to. It should be plugged in, but if for any reason you need to unplug it, it comes complete with 1350 mAh backup battery that is purported to last several weeks.

Plus, this gun box doesn’t look like a gun safe. That helps to keep thieves away too.

Sleek and Sure

This isn’t like a big, flashy gun safe. In fact, thieves might mistake it for some strange, new peripheral or a router. It’s simply a sleek, silver case with USB ports and a biometric and RFID scanner inconspicuously located on top. But don’t worry, you can also take advantage of the Kensington lock and cable to lock it down to a desk or other furniture item for added security (a lock and cable that can be attacked to a metal-reinforced hole located on your computer or peripheral).

Fingerprint Protected

As previously stated, the safe can be accessed by fingerprint ID scan or GPS tracker. You can program the device for multiple users, which means select members of your family will all be able to get inside in case of emergency by simply placing their finger in the appropriate spot on the Gun Box.

A bracelet tracker with GPS, provided with the Gun Box, is a second method to access the box’s contents. You can even set it up to open with both methods (tracker with GPS and fingerprint scan), ensuring ultimate safety.

The coolest method of security yet (that will cost users a monthly fee): you can monitor the GPS location of your Gun Box at all times thanks to a GPS tracker. The accelerometer built into the safe will trigger an alert to be sent to your smartphone the moment the box is moved, and if the box doesn’t “check in” with the GPS tracker (it does this automatically every so often), you’ll get an alert as this may be a thief attempting to jam the signal.

This is certainly a unique way to use GPS tracking devices! What do you think?