A New GPS Tracking Initiative In Africa Saves Lives

 nairobi_gps_trackingIn some parts of the world, traveling can be a dangerous thing. This is the case when it comes to certain parts of Africa. Airtel Kenya and Frotcom East Africa, have combined with police forces to make driving safer with the help of GPS tracking. Drivers that are part of 2NK Matatu Saving and Credit Co-operative Society (SACCO) can now be rewarded for good driving behavior  – and that means safer roads for all.

How the New Tracking Program Works

Drivers traveling along Nairobi-Nakuru Road, Nakuru-Eldoret Road, Nairobi-Nyeri Road, and various other highways that are often traveled by SACCO vehicles will now be tracked – but that’s a good thing. Through monitoring driving patterns, Airtel Kenya and Ftocom East Africa will be able to discern which drivers should be rewarded and which ones aren’t so great when it comes to obeying road rules.

An Airtel Kenya rep has told press that thousands of lives are lost annually due to bad driving – thousands. SACCO’s fleet has almost been entirely equipped with GPS asset tracking trackers, and that means that thousands of lives will be saved. If a driver turns out to be on the reckless side, that driver will be reprimanded for poor driving. This initiative also prevents drivers from speed, putting in too many hours, and simply not paying attention to the road.

In Addition

Airtel is also offering drivers the option to purchase Internet access and cellular usage through the Airtel network for a monthly fee. This connection and communication option is something that has not been considered before, and it’s something that SACCO drivers are more than happy to have access to. Not only will this GPS tracking plan help out SACCO drivers, save costs, and save driver lives, it will also save the lives of people and animals that have been cut short due to bad drivers.

As with Alpha GPS Tracking Trackers, the new SACCO trackers will also let monitors know when a truck has veered off course. Hijacking is common in certain parts of Africa, and these GPS tracking devices will prevent that sort of theft from occurring as well. In short, the new GPS tracking system that has been set in place is a win-win for both SACCO and drivers.

This is great news, right? What are your thoughts?

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