Have You See This Fox Collar?

pei_red_foxWhen researchers plan to track wild animals using GPS trackers, the plan is usually centered on how the animal will be captured, tracked, and then studied.

But, sometimes even the best plans are sent off course when unforeseen things happen. This is the case with a project called ‘P.E.I Urban Fox.’ This project (as you might have guessed from the name!) began in 2012, and was implemented in order to track red foxes in the P.E.I area.

The first red fox was tagged with a GPS tracking collar about one month ago. All was going according to plan until it came time for the collar to fall off of that first tracked fox. The collar did break as planned, but researchers haven’t been able to find it. This means that all the GPS data recorded and stored in the tracking collar will be lost if the collar cannot be located.

A Short Timeline

Not only is the collar worth around $2100, but it also contain information that will no longer be valid one month from now. Due to highly technical equipment and complications, the exact location of the collar cannot be found. This puts researchers in a bad position – and has a team of people combing possible areas for a lost fox collar!

If the snow starts to fall and temperatures start to drop, the GPS tracking data gathered inside of the collar will likely be destroyed. This would, of course, set the whole project back a few months – in addition to resulting in a waste of valuable research dollars.

Have You See It?

Right now, the UPEI research team believes that the collar could be hidden in someone’s backyard, but no collar has been found yet. The fox that was wearing the collar was last seen in Stratford on Marion Drive, and the research team is asking anyone that may live in the Stratford area to search backyards and wooden areas for a possible collar that looks high-tech.

As the temperatures start to drop, time is running out! The GPS tracking collars that are being used to track red foxes are of the specialized sort, but we have a few animal tracking options here are Alpha GPS Tracking too. If you want to track your pets (even your pet fox!), check out our various options.

And, just a reminder: red foxes running through urban backyards might be cute, but researchers warn that these foxes are still wild animals. In short: don’t try and capture a fox or pet one!