Personal Tracking Devices.

You never know when loved ones or employees might get themselves into a spot of bother or danger through no fault of their own. One of the many features of personal tracking devices is the ability to send out a panic alarm to designated recipients. This panic alarm can alert others via text message and/or email.

At Alpha GPS Tracking LLC we can now fit satellite-tracking technology into your smallest handheld devices, giving you very powerful solutions for tracking people and employees who are out and about.


Auto Theft Recovery.

An auto theft rate has been on the decline in recent years but remains a problem in certain parts of the United States

Vehicles are very expensive, and losing one to theft can be quite costly. Even if it’s recovered, there’s a good chance that it will be damaged, or items will be stolen from it. GPS tracking devices have helped lower auto theft rates in recent years. They are designed to help you recover your vehicle if it’s stolen.

While there is no surefire way to prevent theft, we at Alpha GPS Tracking LLC can help you reduce the chances of it happening to you just by installing anti-theft.


Tracking for Teens.

Teens these days all have very busy schedules with many commitments. This can make a parent want to pull out their hair when trying to keep track of their teen. You want to know where they are at all times, so you know that they are safe, but as parents how do you do that? You certainly can’t follow them around every minute of the day. How will you know if your child is in trouble or needs help of some sort?

Most teens do have cell phones and these are great ways to keep in touch with them, and they also give your child a way to contact you if trouble arises. What happens though if they don’t have the cell phone with them or the battery dies? One really good solution is GPS tracker for your teen’s auto.

We can help you with GPS tracking on your teen’s auto with accountability for their driving habits and help you feel confident they are safe and driving safely as well.


Asset Recovery Devices.

 Over $4 BILLION in assets, such as trailers, landscape equipment, construction equipment, and much more are stolen annually in the United States. Less than 10% is recovered. If you’ve ever been a victim of theft; you’re familiar with the cost of replacing stolen items and the frustration that comes with it. More and more companies are adding an extra layer of protection by installing GPS Tracking devices on their valuable assets.

We will help you install GPS Tracking device you can use to track your assets, in Real Time. Some of the devices are capable of providing tracking as fast as every 2 minutes or less, and accurate to within meters of its location. These service plans are surprisingly affordable.


Fleet Tracking Devices.

 A fleet tracking GPS system connects to satellite mapping services, allowing it to provide essential navigational information at the street level. 2-minute updates while in motion give the exact location of each vehicle and can be identified in addition to the history of each particular vehicle. By combining this information with accurate maps, the proximity of vehicles to particular locations is possible as well. Live traffic will help dispatchers so drivers can arrive at their destinations with limited delay.

Fleet Tracking devices are those best suited for everyday use, provide the most functionality and online tracking data in Real Time. They also provide State Border Crossing and I.F.T.A. miles for each state traveled. Electronic Logs are also available.