Researchers Track ‘The Secret Life of The Cat’

tracking_cats_gpsEver wonder what your furry feline friend is up to while you’re at work? You’re not alone. In conjunction with the BBC, the Royal Veterinary College is conducting an in-depth study on the lives of cats. How? Using GPS trackers, of course!

The results of the study will be featured on a Horizon television series to be aired in the future called “The Secret Life of the Cat.” Sounds like interesting stuff, right?

How They Did It

Researchers attached GPS trackers to 50 cats along with tiny micro-cameras to display a “cat’s eye view” based on the perspective of some happy cats in England’s Surrey Hills area.

The cats were followed for six full days. What did the learn? Nothing ground-breaking, it turns out.

Cats like to hunt. They fight with other cats. They sleep. A lot.

Sounds like your cat, right? There is one thing that you may find curious, though. As it turns out, some cats wander into other homes while out and about during any given day. Why? To eat food left for other cats. Your cat isn’t as loyal as you thought! Some cats also traveled up to two hours away from home each day!

GPS Tracker Sales Up

Naturally, cat parents are curious as to the secret lives of their own feline friends. Sales of GPS trackers that can be affixed to pet collars have been skyrocketing. It’s easy to do too – just fix a GPS to your cat’s collar, and watch from your home computer or smartphone as your cat wanders, sleeps, eats, and does all kinds of crazy things.

A Member Of The Family

Just like children, pets are beloved. These GPS trackers give owners a chance to make sure nothing happens to them if they should happen to wander off. In the event your feline companion doesn’t return home after a day or two, you can head to the Internet to ping the GPS tracker around the cat’s neck. Some GPS trackers give you the ability to send a text message to the device, which in turn sends a text back providing all details about the cat’s whereabouts.

GPS trackers are made for just about any pet imaginable. While the premise of this show seems a bit farfetched and boring to some, others are fascinated, imagining the lives their own furry friends lead each day. Is your cat out hunting? Spending time with other families? Or, like most cats, is yours chasing plastic mice and sleeping soundly?

What do you think about the idea behind this show? Is it crazy, or does it fascinate you? If you want to know what your cat is up to, we have lots of trackers you can use to find out!

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