Ready for Some Football? What Kind?

psg_gps_trackingAre you a soccer fan? How about a football fan? Maybe both? No matter what you call it – or what it means to you – “football” wouldn’t be the same without GPS trackers.

Let’s head to France first, and check out what Paris-Saint-Germain is doing with GPS technology.

Close Monitoring

It’s really important that soccer players are in the best shape possible, but sometimes soccer gods aren’t exactly cautious. Well, PSG coaches want to put a stop to anything that’s not good for players, and that means making sure that players are protected both on and off the field.

During practice, PSG coaches use data collected from GPS trackers to create custom workouts and practice schedules for each player. Why GPS? These trackers let coaches know when players are being pushed too hard, which can result in a major injury (and less field time).

Players Benefit Too

Not only does the PSG outfit benefit from making sure that players are healthy and injury-free, but players benefit from GPS tracking technology too. Being forced to cut a career short due to an injury that could have been avoided is no way to end a career.

Even though players are pushed to the maximum during every practice, GPS lets coaches know when practices are about to turn into danger zones. It’s hard to say which one started using GPS first, but even the NFL is in on the GPS data deal.

GPS and NFL Football

Both the Buffalo Bills and the Atlanta Falcons have been using GPS technology for many months now. Both teams keep track of player progress, health, and training patterns to avoid injuries and keep teams performing at top levels. So far, results have been beneficial.

Whether on the field in France or in Buffalo, GPS tracking has proven its worth when it comes to fitness. The athletes that we watch on TV every week are at the top of their game, and a lot of that has to do with the GPS technology behind the game. GPS tracking software has come a really long way from its original roots.

Thanks to GPS, we have stronger, healthier, and faster players than ever before – and that makes for some good football, no matter what you consider football to be!

The uses for GPS tracking technology seem to increase by the minute. If you have something that needs to be tracked, we have the right device for you. Give us a call today or check out our products on our website.

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