Police Chases May Soon Be A Thing of the Past

police_gps_trackersPolice pursuits can be fun to watch from afar, but these high-speed chases are also dangerous. Not only do chases tend to wind up in accidents, but police and other drivers are also at risk. GPS tracking software is helping to put a stop to these risky rides.

Some police forces across the United States are starting to look into GPS tracking devices that can help track down criminals. Instead of actively chasing cars and outlaws, these GPS trackers just keep tabs on cars that police want to track.

New GPS Tracker Technology

Police in various parts of the United States are currently looking into a new test program that involves lasers and GPS trackers. The trackers shoot small tracking devices towards racing cars, and these trackers stick. From there, police could track a car without actually engaging in any kind of speed race.

This tech is still under development, but it’s a promising way to prevent collisions from happening when police need to chase criminals. If the technology proves to be useful, a lot of criminals will become very confused when police don’t actually chasing a speed car carrying a wanted criminal.

Based on An Old Idea

Even though this particular GPS tracker technology is new, it’s actually based on an older idea. Police have been tracking various vehicles by tagging those vehicles with GPS trackers for many years now (with a warrant, of course). So, attaching a tracker to an already moving vehicle isn’t that much of a stretch.

But, the concept of shooting a small GPS tracker at a moving car is a whole new idea – and it’s one that could really save lives. So, the next time that you decide to get into a scrape with the law, remember that police may not have to actually chase you in order to track you down. Soon, this tech may spread to regular cruisers, so you may not even see blue lights behind you if you decide to speed.

At Alpha GPS Tracking LLC . we also have a number of GPS trackers that are perfect for keeping tabs on any vehicle you want to track – keep in mind that you do need a warrant in order to track a vehicle that you don’t own. But, if you do own a vehicle that you want to track, we’ve got you covered!

What do you think about police shooting small GPS devices at cars? Is this a great idea or a silly one? Let us know below!

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