No GPS Tracker? An Ax Will Do!

ax_throwing_robyn_irvineEvery once in a while, we come across a news story that deserves to be printed for the sake of a good chuckle. Since it’s Friday, we thought we’d share this one with you. Enjoy!

Surprise! Ax-Throwing Champion Won’t be Robbed!

22-year-old Nicholas Uolla woke up yesterday morning in Hemet, California, and had a usual Thursday. He did things like eat breakfast, check his emails, and, you know – try to steal some jewelry from the home of a sweet old lady.

Uolla successfully broke into the home of Robyn Irvine, found her asleep, and tried to take her watch off of her wrist. Little did Uolla know that Irvine had an ax next to her bed – and she knew how to use it.

On Second Thought

Irvine, it turns out, was an axe-throwing champion (yes, there are axe-throwing contests!). When she grabbed her axe and yelled at Uolla, the robber stood stunned unable to move. Uolla eventually ran for the door, and Irvine decided not to throw the ax.

She later told press that she “…would’ve gotten him right in the spine or the back of his head…I hit what I aim for,” she said. Yikes! That should teach Uolla not to break into a home to try and steal a watch off of a person’s wrist! Uolla is currently in police custody, but press has confirmed that he was surprised by Irvine’s trusty ax.

If It’s Not GPS…

Many people today have a GPS tracker attached to valuable items. We often read stories of robbers that attempted to steal an item tracked by a GPS tracker, or someone trying to steal a vehicle that has a GPS tracking device attached. But, for those that don’t have a GPS tracker, there’s always the next best option: an ax. Of course, you’d have to be an ax throwing champion like Robyn Irvine…

For non-ax related tracking (or, hey, even if you want to track your ax!), we have all kinds of GPS trackers available. Call us today to let us know what you’re looking for, and we will find that right GPS tracker for you. As far as Irvine goes, it’s pretty clear that you don’t want to mess with this ax-throwing champion!

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