Learning a GPS Lesson from Boardwalk Empire

boardwalk_empire_gpsIf you watch the massively popular TV show ‘Boardwalk Empire,’ you’ve seen first-hand how simple it is for thieves to steal a truck. Hijacking trucks has been a fast and simple way to abscond with goods since the time of prohibition – and probably before that. But, it’s never been easier to steal a truck either.

Thanks to technology, finding huge shipments of valuable goods is really a piece of cake. All it takes is a shipping or tracking software account, and anyone can sign up for one of those as long as a credit card is valid. As soon as a thief has signed up to track or trace loads, trucks can be found all over the world – some software platforms even list the type of goods that a truck is carrying. Talk about an easy target!

GPS Tracking Helps

Back in Nucky Thompson’s days, GPS tracker didn’t exist. Now, trucks can be equipped with GPS trackers, and that means that a shipment is really easy to track from miles away. If a truck veers off course, a business can find that stolen truck within minutes.

But, placing a GPS tracker on a truck isn’t enough any more. Now, thieves have realized that trucks are tracked, so the new way to steal a shipment is to hold a driver at gunpoint, unload the goods, load those stolen items back onto another truck, and drive away. The truck that had the GPS tracker may still be on course, but the goods inside of that truck can be long gone. What’s a business to do?

GPS Trackers: still the answer

Even though placing a GPS tracker on a truck may not be the only way to secure a shipment, GPS tracking software is still valuable. Why? Smart business owners have begun adding small GPS trackers to very valuable items. This way, even if a box is loaded off of a truck, it’s still really simple to track that shipment.

Can this be done? Absolutely – and with ease. Since GPS trackers are so small now, you can simply toss one in with any shipment to ensure delivery safety. Companies that have implemented this type of system can safely ship without concern that someone may sneak off with an entire shipment. Plus, drivers are safer than ever before. All a driver has to do now is give up a load willingly, walk away, and know that every item is being tracked.

So, you see, GPS tracking still has its place in the trucking world. Imagine what Nucky’s men would have done if they were being tracked! Check out our site for trackers that can track your trucks – and your shipments – simply.

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