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hong_kong_hikingThere’s no better time to get outdoors and enjoy a hike than smack in the middle of October. The leaves are falling, the air is crisp, and most trails are free from tourists and traffic. There’s no doubt that hiking is a great way to enjoy nature, but getting lost on a trail can be treacherous too. That’s why GPS tracking apps complete with accurate maps exist – and the latest app to join the bunch maps out trails in Southern China.

The ‘Enjoy Hiking’ App

The ‘Enjoy Hiking’ ap is available via iOS or Android, and it comes with a ton of features that any hiker will love. When hiking in Hong Kong, this app sends a hiker’s trail route to the Communications Associateion of Hong Kong, so that lost hikers can be found quickly. If a hiker disappears, local police will have tracking data.

This app is the handiwork of Hong Kong’s ‘Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department,’ and it was created form a need to offer an easier way to locate hikers. Every year, three to five hikers get lost in South China, and many people are rescued each year as well. The ‘Enjoy Hiking’ app should put an end to those losses.

How It Works

When the ‘Enjoy Hiking’ app is downloaded and activated, location data must be transmitted. From there, the app tracks by GPS for up to 24-hours. The app can be turned off at any time, but it’s recommended that the app stay active in order to accurately track hikers. This app features all major trails in Hong Kong, and it uses very little data.

The data the app transmits is encrypted when it reaches the service provider, and can be requested at any time for up to one week. After that seven-day period, all location data is deleted. Hikers can also select a great trail from a list of trails, and the app will state whether or not that trail is advanced or intermediate (or a beginner route). The app makes sure hikers don’t get in over their heads, or disappointed in a hike that’s too simple.

Great For Tourists

This app provides a new level of safety for Hong Kong hikers, and it is also useful for tourists setting out on a new hike. In fact, the GPS tracking app is featured on the discoverhongkong.com website, the official website of the ‘Hong Kong Tourism Board’ along with other apps that allow tourists to explore Hong Kong safely.

And it’s a good thing tourists can turn to the app for guidance: Hong Kong features amazing landscapes to explore, but the trail system is quite confusing with many to choose from. If you’re headed to Hong Kong and plan to explore nature via hiking trails, you’ll want this essential app!

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