For Hunters, GPS Works

hunting_gps_mapsLike to hunt? Then you probably know how important it is to gain landowner permission prior to trespassing – even if you are chasing a prize buck! But, there might be an easier way. A new GPS tracking software applications called ‘Hunting GPS Maps’ provides public land map markers for hunters.

Some of the Hunting GPS Maps also list landowner names and contact details making it even easier to gain permission to hunt. In addition, these maps are helping hunters and landowners co-exist by decreasing the number of reported trespassing disputes.

Accurate Information

Not only do these maps precisely display property boundaries, but they also list game-management borders. Plus, hunters can now see public land areas that might not have been known prior. An extra feature of these maps is a topographical feature that explains what each specific terrain looks and feels like.

Here’s the best part: you can be led out of unknown area of woods with the map, following the trail you took precisely, ending up right where you started – no bread crumbs necessary!

How The Software Works

Property data is compiled from property tax records in each county that is part of this program thus far. This prevents hunters from entering private territory, and it also makes the job of a game warden easier. Since the implementation of GPS trackers in some game warden outfits, property land disputes have been on the decline – hopefully, this new mapping software will increase the decrease.

The GPS tracking software is available for most of the Western states. The company plans to expand their maps to Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Michigan.

Preserving A Tradition

Hunting is probably the most ancient tradition of all. At one point in time, it was the only way humans could survive. Now, fathers who learned the sport from their fathers, who learned it from their fathers, and so on, are teaching their own sons (who are now using GPS trackers and tracking software to make things simpler!).

Whether or not hunting is supported in your part of the world, GPS maps are making this sport a lot simpler where land disputes are concerned – those against hunting can benefit from this technology too. If a map clearly labels a part of land private, landowners will have a better chance of proving that hunters are trespassing. Where hunting is concerned, this new GPS tracking technology goes a long way.

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