1. Do I have to be an expert at GPS to be successful? 
The wonderful thing about this opportunity is that we are experts and you will be too. We handle all the training. Even after you leave our facility , the training continues through webinars and live conference calls. Even if you want to talk 1 on 1 with us, you will have your very own consultant who will be there throughout your distributorship.

2. How does this distributorship compare with other GPS distributorships?
The Alpha GPS Tracking distributorship is different because it is a true distributorship. You have the ability to grow revenue in a multitude of different industries. (See “Why GPS Tracking”, above)

3. What do we truly get for the money ? 
The initial upfront investment covers hard costs in set up and training. It includes trackers, marketing kit, and display sales case, tracking accessories, airfare and accommodations.

4. What numerical limit do you have on number of distributors? 
distributors and the market they service. Each market is scrutinized by Alpha GPS Tracking management to ensure positive revenue growth for each distributor

5. What is the real value of the distributorship, besides being able to sell?
Real value comes in the form of residual income. The exclusive distributors purchase product and air time services at set price. You keep all the $Profit$.

6. What exclusivity do we get?
Exclusivity comes in the form of territory. Alpha GPS Tracking will not place another distributor in your market.

7. What happens if the product gets outdated our passed by technologically?
Alpha GPS Tracking has enjoyed a twelve month head start on most GPS platforms available. Alpha GPS Tracking is committed to new and advancing technologies. All updated versions of hardware and software are passed through to all of our distributors at no additional charge.

8. Are there any limits to our marketing?
Alpha GPS Tracking knows the key to your success is in marketing. We encourage all forms of aggressive and targeted advertising in your territory.

9. Can we sell on the web and on our website?
Yes we encourage you to take advantage of your own web traffic to maximize revenue.

10. Can we market internationally?
Yes. Alpha GPS Tracking’s devices work in 176 countries worldwide. We want you to explore all opportunities.