How to Keep Holiday Fuel Consumption Lower

holiday_gas_pricesIt doesn’t matter where you live in North America, really, the price of fuel is high. That cost is really rough for people that commute daily, but it’s an even tougher fee to swallow for major companies with large fleets.

And, guess what? Prices are about to surge.

Every year around this time, fuel prices rise. Why? Mostly because of the holiday season. Its not just people that are traveling during the November and December months, it’s cargo too. Just think of all those toys and gifts that have to reach consumer shelves! Those things travel by truck, mostly, and that means that keeping a fleet running during the holiday season is going to be really expensive.

Is There Hope?

The best way to keep fuel costs down during the holiday months is to keep a close eye on fuel consumption. You’d be surprised at how much of a difference this can make! Did you know that letting a truck idle for a long time can take more fuel than actually running that truck? Crazy, right?

You can tell your drivers not to idle, to take the shortest routes, and to make sure to use gas wisely. But, that doesn’t always work out. The only way you can really keep an eye on your trucks during transport is to install GPS tracking devices. What will this accomplish?

Why Use GPS Tracking Software?

When compared to the cost of fuel, installing GPS trackers on every truck within your fleet is cost-effective. Plus, these GPS trackers allow you to keep watch over your drivers. If a driver is veering off course or spending too much time idling, you can write down this information. Then, when your driver returns, you can speak to him about not wasting gas or finding a shorter route.

There’s no doubt that higher gas prices are coming. The holiday season officially starts when October ends, and that’s just a few weeks away! You can’t do anything about rising fuel costs (unfortunately!), but you can keep costs down by installing GPS trackers.

Not sure what kind of tracker you need? We can help you out. Just give us a call, and let us know how big your fleet is or what you want to accomplish. Got other questions? We can help you there too.

We also want to know how GPS trackers have worked out for your fleet. If you’ve tried this technology, have you found it beneficial? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Catching a Flight? You’re Being Tracked!

airport_gps_trackingAs the holidays approach, you may be looking into boarding a plane to meet up with friends or family members. But, did you know that airports track your smartphone data? Just like retailers, certain airports are tapping into what you’re doing on your phone if you use airport WiFi.

Why Airports Want Your Cell Data

Airports track WiFi and Bluetooth signals as people pass through terminals and gates. Why? It all has to do with customer service. What airport officials are looking for are patterns in the way that people travel, and how efficient certain parts of an airport are.

For example: if one airport that you frequently pass through has a really long wait at a certain security check, this data can be collected and used to better that security check (hopefully making it faster). Problems with hold ups and issues with customer service are things that airports look for too. But, there’s more to this tracking.

Where Your Dollars Are Spent

Airports want to know how you spend your money when you are visiting airport shops. If you buy, say, an overpriced flight pillow for $40, this is valuable information for the airport you purchased that pillow at. Why? That store will stock more pillows, of course!

It’s not entirely bad, though. Sure, airports are tracking what you buy and where you go, but some airports are now offering passengers certain discount codes and coupons via smartphone. So, you may just wind up with a cheaper in-flight pillow or some other gadget that you had to have while waiting for your flight. How do airports track your movements? With GPS software, of course.

Your Phone and GPS

Your smartphone is equipped with GPS tracker technology, and that’s how airport operators can see where you move and how long it takes you to get through various parts of an airport. In some ways, this tech will ensure a faster airport experience. In other ways, GPS tracking helps airports make passenger life simpler. So, you see, it’s all good!

You can use a GPS tracker to track nearly anything. From your luggage (yes, we have trackers that you can tuck inside of your suitcase!) to kids that may get lost in an airport, this innovative technology can do it all. While it may seem creepy knowing that someone is tracking your every move, it’s also a way for airports to make passenger life easier.

What do you think? Should airports use GPS tracking to find out what passengers buy and where they go? Or, is this a complete and total invasion of privacy that should be noted upon entry to an airport?


Photo courtesy of Sean MacEntee via Flickr Creative Commons

This Halloween, Keep Your Kids Safe With GPS

halloween_gps_trackersIt’s around the corner: the night when little ghouls and goblins trek door to door in search of Halloween treats! As much fun as Halloween is, parents often worry about safety while kids are out roaming streets on their own.

The main way to prevent this is to trick-or-treat alongside your child. But, if you kid isn’t keen on having an adult in-costumer alongside, a GPS tracker is another great option.

The Real Statistics

We’ve all heard scary Halloween abduction stories, but let’s set the fact straight, shall we?

  • There has never been even one single report of child abduction on Halloween or trick-or-treat night. While some communities have experienced a rash of attempted abductions leading up to Halloween, no child has ever been taken while trick-or-treating
  • No child has ever been the victim of poisoned candy.
  • Although there were a couple of documented cases of razor blades discovered inside Halloween candy, it is highly unlikely your child is going to come across something like this.

Interesting, right? After having these concerns at the forefront of our minds all these years, it seems we can put these worries aside. Or can we?

What You Should Be Concerned About

So now that you know what NOT to be concerned about, let’s look at things you should be concerned about.

  • Drunk drivers.
  • Theft.
  • Bullying from other children.
  • Not being seen by drivers.
  • Fires due to candles in jack-o-lanterns igniting costumes.
  • Masks reducing a child’s visibility.
  • Wandering into private areas, or not walking on sidewalks.
  • Entering an area that’s known for crime on unsafe.

To be on the safe side, send older kids out with a GPS tracker. You can slip one into a backpack or just tell your kids that they must be tracked. Just because an abduction hasn’t occurred yet doesn’t mean it’s not going to!

If the idea of a GPS tracker sounds appealing, contact us! We have the perfect solution for you.



Photo By Wwarby via Flickr Creative Commons