No GPS Tracker? An Ax Will Do!

ax_throwing_robyn_irvineEvery once in a while, we come across a news story that deserves to be printed for the sake of a good chuckle. Since it’s Friday, we thought we’d share this one with you. Enjoy!

Surprise! Ax-Throwing Champion Won’t be Robbed!

22-year-old Nicholas Uolla woke up yesterday morning in Hemet, California, and had a usual Thursday. He did things like eat breakfast, check his emails, and, you know – try to steal some jewelry from the home of a sweet old lady.

Uolla successfully broke into the home of Robyn Irvine, found her asleep, and tried to take her watch off of her wrist. Little did Uolla know that Irvine had an ax next to her bed – and she knew how to use it.

On Second Thought

Irvine, it turns out, was an axe-throwing champion (yes, there are axe-throwing contests!). When she grabbed her axe and yelled at Uolla, the robber stood stunned unable to move. Uolla eventually ran for the door, and Irvine decided not to throw the ax.

She later told press that she “…would’ve gotten him right in the spine or the back of his head…I hit what I aim for,” she said. Yikes! That should teach Uolla not to break into a home to try and steal a watch off of a person’s wrist! Uolla is currently in police custody, but press has confirmed that he was surprised by Irvine’s trusty ax.

If It’s Not GPS…

Many people today have a GPS tracker attached to valuable items. We often read stories of robbers that attempted to steal an item tracked by a GPS tracker, or someone trying to steal a vehicle that has a GPS tracking device attached. But, for those that don’t have a GPS tracker, there’s always the next best option: an ax. Of course, you’d have to be an ax throwing champion like Robyn Irvine…

For non-ax related tracking (or, hey, even if you want to track your ax!), we have all kinds of GPS trackers available. Call us today to let us know what you’re looking for, and we will find that right GPS tracker for you. As far as Irvine goes, it’s pretty clear that you don’t want to mess with this ax-throwing champion!

Learning a GPS Lesson from Boardwalk Empire

boardwalk_empire_gpsIf you watch the massively popular TV show ‘Boardwalk Empire,’ you’ve seen first-hand how simple it is for thieves to steal a truck. Hijacking trucks has been a fast and simple way to abscond with goods since the time of prohibition – and probably before that. But, it’s never been easier to steal a truck either.

Thanks to technology, finding huge shipments of valuable goods is really a piece of cake. All it takes is a shipping or tracking software account, and anyone can sign up for one of those as long as a credit card is valid. As soon as a thief has signed up to track or trace loads, trucks can be found all over the world – some software platforms even list the type of goods that a truck is carrying. Talk about an easy target!

GPS Tracking Helps

Back in Nucky Thompson’s days, GPS tracker didn’t exist. Now, trucks can be equipped with GPS trackers, and that means that a shipment is really easy to track from miles away. If a truck veers off course, a business can find that stolen truck within minutes.

But, placing a GPS tracker on a truck isn’t enough any more. Now, thieves have realized that trucks are tracked, so the new way to steal a shipment is to hold a driver at gunpoint, unload the goods, load those stolen items back onto another truck, and drive away. The truck that had the GPS tracker may still be on course, but the goods inside of that truck can be long gone. What’s a business to do?

GPS Trackers: still the answer

Even though placing a GPS tracker on a truck may not be the only way to secure a shipment, GPS tracking software is still valuable. Why? Smart business owners have begun adding small GPS trackers to very valuable items. This way, even if a box is loaded off of a truck, it’s still really simple to track that shipment.

Can this be done? Absolutely – and with ease. Since GPS trackers are so small now, you can simply toss one in with any shipment to ensure delivery safety. Companies that have implemented this type of system can safely ship without concern that someone may sneak off with an entire shipment. Plus, drivers are safer than ever before. All a driver has to do now is give up a load willingly, walk away, and know that every item is being tracked.

So, you see, GPS tracking still has its place in the trucking world. Imagine what Nucky’s men would have done if they were being tracked! Check out our site for trackers that can track your trucks – and your shipments – simply.

The Rockettes Are Set To Use GPS This Spring!

heart_lights_nycThere hasn’t been a spring spectacular even at the Radio City Music Hall since 1997 – but the director  of the Rockettes, Linda Haberman, is adding some spring to the Rockettes step this coming spring. Haberman and her crew will put on a show called ‘Hearts and Lights’ that relies heavily on GPS trackers.

Inside Hearts and Lights

Hearts and Lights was written by playwright and Pulitzer Prize winner, Doug Wright. Wright’s tale follows two teenage girls attempting to follow in their grandmother’s footsteps. As you can imagine, the show will feature NYC as it was many years ago, and how the city is today.

One part of the show will include a Central Park kite flying scene that uses GPS tracking technology to move the kites and track their locations above audience members. If this show doesn’t sound like the usual chorus girl entertainment we’ve come to associate with the Rockettes, you’re right.

A Completely Different Show

Sick of putting on the same old Easter show, Haberman’s Rockettes will be practicing new moves all winter long to prepare for this upcoming spring event. What won’t you see? The same leg-lifting moves. What you can expect to see are kites flying, amazing scenes from old New York, and plenty of new Rockette dance patterns.

Haberman really shook things up this time when she asked the Rockettes to audition for the show too – typically, the girls are all part of every show, and that’s the way it has been done for years. Now, things are about to be different. If this sounds like something you’d like to see, the production will run for 59 performances, feature one cast only, and will begin on March 27th. You can pick up some tickets now (suggested) through the Radio City website.

A New Use for GPS

This might be the first time that GPS tracking software has been used in a show. It’s certainly the first time that technology has ever really collided with the Radio City Music Hall productions. Then again, it’s hard to imagine a modern day NYC set without GPS trackers, right?

GPS trackers are used regularly for scavenger hunts and to track down lost items, so why not kites flying over audience heads? It creates a funny picture, right? That’s exactly what the Rockettes are hoping for too. So, why not put some bounce in your spring step and head to Radio City? At the very least, you’ll get to see GPS technology in action.

If you can’t make it to NYC for March, don’t worry! We have plenty of GPS trackers that can keep tabs on wayward kites! Check out our product page for details.