Alpha GPS Tracking is the go-to company for advanced and cutting edge tracking solutions. We have developed software and hardware to keep your loved ones, vehicles and fleet safe and secure.

Alpha GPS Tracking Software

Our software is easy to set up, user-friendly, and is well matched for most smartphones, tablets, and personal computers. The options are never ending with our software. Receive updates for vehicle maintenance, sudden braking and high speeds with our software that is tailor made for our clients needs.

Easy to use

We offer numerous tracker options for vehicle and asset tracking. Know where your fleet or cargo is at all times! Log in and see where your tracker is, Live!

Peace of mind for loved ones.

Our ‘Beacon’ tracker offers peace of mind if you are looking to keep track of a child, special needs or wandering patients, or the elderly. Now includes the all new Wi-Fi feature for indoor tracking this pendant tracker can be worn around the neck and includes plenty of safety features.

How rugged are our trackers? Military Tough!

Alpha GPS Tracking offers the most advanced, rugged, and longest lasting GPS Trackers on the market.  Our ‘Bravo’ tracker combines our exclusive GPRS “Track Anywhere Technology” inside of a ultra strong casing that’s also shockproof and weather resistant.

We are here to help you find the GPS tracker that is right for you! Call us today!