Rent a GPS Tracker


                        Alpha GPS Tracking offers GPS Rentals!

Looking to use a GPS tracker but don’t need one long term?

Are you a Private Investigator that needs a specific GPS tracker for one case?

Need a Tracker that works in Mexico? Ask about a GSM tracker!

BRAVO– The all new Slap & Track Bravo tracker makes professional GPS tracking simple. Bravo has an 80LB pull magnet, is accurate down to a few feet, has three built in antennas, and a long battery life all within a solid waterproof case. Tracking intervals can be set at 2mins, 1 min, 30secs and 15 secs.

$250 a week- all inclusive- unlimited pings

ECHO– For wandering patients, special needs individuals, elderly folks, law enforcement, asset tracking, personal, child, and teen use, the ECHO does it all. Small and light weight, the ECHO has a 72 hour battery with a built in SOS button with Direct Google Link to smart phone when pushed.

$225 a week- all inclusive-unlimited pings

VICTOR– is a plug-and-play vehicle tracker that’s ideal for teen drivers, fleet tracking, and all vehicle tracking applications. This tracker communicates vehicle location information via GSM and CDMA networks. Simply plug into the OBD port in any vehicle.

$225 a week- all inclusive-unlimited pings

All the software settings for each tracker are customized to your needs. Set up takes only a few minutes.

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