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Tracking Bighorn Sheep in the Mohave Desert

Apparently, it is flu season for more than just the human population! Animals get sick too! Right now, the bighorn sheep in the Mojave Desert are coming down with a fatal case of pneumonia. Experts are trying to determine how bad it actually is, so they’re employing the use of both GPS trackers and helicopters

A Drone Contest to End Poaching

Watch out, poachers. Things are about to get dangerous for you! Kashmir Robotics is offering up a big prize to the next person to design a drone tasked with flying above South Africa’s ‘Kruger National Park.’ Why? To keep an eye out for poachers. What prize are they offering? Well, how about a 10-day excursion at

GPS Keeps Open Spaces, Well, Open!

Each state in the U.S. has beautiful spaces that exist for the public to enjoy, whether recreational land or protected wildlife habitats. It is important to designate these spaces accurately, especially in areas where hunting season is taken seriously. But how can you ensure that you’re mapping the boundaries to these protected spaces accurately? With

Thieves Steal Large Amounts of Oxycontin – Laced With GPS Trackers!

Police all over the world are using GPS trackers to nab all different types of criminals. Whether they’re after crooks that steal copper or smartphones and tablets, there’s a tracker for that! But here’s a new idea implemented by police forces all over the United States: the pill bottle tracker. Wait – why would police

GPS is Changing the Game For Kenya’s Wildlife

We’ve talked about a variety of wildlife being monitored with GPS trackers. Whether it’s the urban fox population in Canada, wolves in California, or moose in Maine, GPS trackers are the best way to get accurate data about the habits of the animals. But in some cases, it just isn’t enough. What about big game

Kids in Denver Board Buses With GPS

You know that moment when your little one ventures off to school for the first time? You watch them step on that bus and drive off, wishing you could be there to make sure they get through the day okay. A big fear most parents have: their child will accidentally board the wrong bus at

Why NYC Taxis Need GPS

When it comes to iconic transportation for those who need to get around New York City, nothing beats the good old taxi. The only problem with NYC cabbies is that drivers don’t have the best reputations with tourists and locals alike. But, that’s all about to change. Changing The Game Where drivers used to charge

GPS Leads Feds To Drug Trafficking Operation

Drug trafficking is a big problem in the U.S. Whether drugs are coming from Canada or Mexico, many drug cartels are coming up with ways to sneak their goods across borders undetected. In 2005, a tunnel was discovered from Canada to the US. A thrown-together hut covered the entrance on the Canadian side, with the

How to Keep Holiday Fuel Consumption Lower

It doesn’t matter where you live in North America, really, the price of fuel is high. That cost is really rough for people that commute daily, but it’s an even tougher fee to swallow for major companies with large fleets. And, guess what? Prices are about to surge. Every year around this time, fuel prices

Catching a Flight? You’re Being Tracked!

As the holidays approach, you may be looking into boarding a plane to meet up with friends or family members. But, did you know that airports track your smartphone data? Just like retailers, certain airports are tapping into what you’re doing on your phone if you use airport WiFi. Why Airports Want Your Cell Data

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